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A New Wave of Digital Transformation 

Coupled with data insights and business innovation, DAXEOS has the power to help you emerge faster, stronger, and better from the COVID-19 Pandemic 


We are a team of experienced and successful entrepreneurs who have grown and exited multiple startups, and generated >$1B in investor value.  DAXEOS is our latest privately funded stealth mode SaaS startup with offices in Silicon Valley, CA, and Indiana.  We are building a highly innovative IIoT Data Analytics platform initially targeted at the manufacturing and education sectors



With our cloud-based solution, organizations are able to unlock plants and facilities that are currently locked out and struggling with how to keep workers safe in the face of the current pandemic.  Most importantly, DAXEOS enables customers to get to the insights they need to get back to the business of innovation and digital transformation, creating a competitive advantage and emerging post-pandemic faster and stronger. 

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What We Do

Using the latest in cloud-native technologies and AI/ML, we unlock captive data and synthesize and analyze it in the context of business operations to create a targeted roadmap of digital transformation opportunities with tangible and measurable profitability gains.

Unlock Captive Data

Unlock Captive

Make Business Decisions, Faster

Make Business Decisions, Faster 


Enable Digital Transformation

Enable Digital



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