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Product Development Solutions for the Global Enterprise

Accelerate digital transformation and product development Within your Organization 

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Transform Disparate Systems into a Connected Workplace


Leveraging our proven solution, companies can quickly and cost effectively get back to work, and leverage digital transformation to thrive in this critical post-pandemic recovery period.

DAXEOS enables delivery of quality and innovation, on time and under budget while also meeting regulatory compliance standard. 



Edge-to-Cloud Connectivity

Take product development to the cloud and reduce cost and complexity of implementing and securing multiple disparate data operations systems across multiple geographies


Business Agility Enablement
  • Accelerate product development innovation agenda and execution with minimal IT burden.
Enable Remote Work 
  • Enables real time scheduling, sharing and viewing of tests, creating a global virtual data collaboration space for distributed teams.
Faster Time to Test
  • Every engineer gets the data they need faster, reducing Lead-time to Test.
Simplified Security
  • Seamlessly extend Enterprise Security policy to PD activities from edge to cloud.

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Federated Data Management Throughout the Product Development Lifecycle 

Integrated product development supply chain through an agile and secure management of engineering data through the automotive value chain:

  • Within the OEM
  • From OEM to Tier Suppliers
  • With Auditors & Regulators 


Assured Regulatory Compliance
  • Save time and eliminate product delays by automating workflows associated with regulatory compliance data and processes.

  • Reduce liability exposure and costs associated with missed compliance in an increasingly complex regulatory environment.

Reduce Cost & Increase Efficiency
  • Eliminate non value-added data processing activities for high value engineering teams.


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Advanced Analytics to Unlock Critical Data 

Gain Unfair Competitive Advantage - Create competitive advantage through data insights and associated rapid innovation.


Optimize Vehicle Technology 
  • ensure technical decision makers have timely and reliable data insights to make critical optimization decisions (cost, performance, regulatory, etc) in the product development process.
Deliver Product & Technology Roadmap 
  • Develop and bring to market new and improved products that deliver higher value to customers, stakeholders. 

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Stay Ahead of the Competition

DAXEOS ensures that every engineer gets the data insights they need faster and more securely, reducing Lead-time to Test and Lead-time to revenue. The DAXEOS Digital Engineering Data Hub eliminates the need for time consuming and insecure manual data upload, distribution, and analysis processes, freeing up high value engineering resources in the process. Our scalable distributed cloud-based platform provides real time insights to optimize technology decisions, drive innovation, and meet customer expectations around product affordability, and regulatory standards.

Keep up with Revenue Quotas


Maximize Revenue and Profitability: Minimize bottom line PD costs and maximize top line growth potential through automated Data Operations eliminating human glue and manual processes.

Ensure Financial Controls: Provide financial reporting and oversight to maximize R&D tax credits throughout Engineering lifecycle: research, non-recurring development, product development and recurring phases

Gain Competitive Advantage


Foster innovation within the Engineering Organization: Ensure internal and partner engineering teams have the tools, capabilities, and resources to maximize their potential


Increase Visibility Across the Organization


Take Product Development to the Cloud: Reduce cost and complexity of implementing and securing multiple disparate data operations systems across multiple geographies

Business Agility Enablement: Accelerate Product Development innovation agenda and execution with minimal IT burden 


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